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Title Preventing Satisficing in Online Surveys: A “Kapcha” to Ensure Higher Quality Data
Year 2010
Access date 13.05.2014
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Researchers are increasingly using online labor markets such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk) as a source of inexpensive data. One of the most popular tasks is answering surveys. However, without adequate controls, researchers should be concerned that respondents may fill out surveys haphazardly in the unsupervised environment of the Internet. Social scientists refer to mental shortcuts that people take as “satisficing” and this concept has been applied to how respondents take surveys. We examine the prevalence of survey satisficing on MTurk. We present a question presentation method, called Kapcha, which we believe reduces satisficing, thereby improving the quality of survey results. We also present an open-source platform for further survey experimentation on MTurk.

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Year of publication2010
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