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Title User’s Guide to the Advance Release of the 2008-2009 ANES Panel Study
Year 2009
Access date 16.05.2014
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This User’s Guide accompanies the January 2009 “Advance Release” of selected Panel
Study data.
The 2008-2009 ANES Panel Study is a series of surveys of a representative sample of the
American electorate that was recruited by telephone. Panel respondents began
completing monthly surveys on the Internet in January 2008. The chief purpose of the
advance release is to make interim data available to the user community as quickly as
possible after the presidential election. The advance release includes all survey responses
to questions about the election that were asked in 2008, except for a small amount of data
that has been redacted because its release could pose a risk to respondent privacy.
The Panel Study will continue to collect data through September 2009. ANES staff will
continue throughout 2009 to improve the quality and usability of the data and to prepare
comprehensive documentation. After data collection, processing, and documentation are
complete, work will begin on the “full release” of the Panel Study’s data. In
the meantime, the advance release data allow interested users to analyze political data
collected so far, with the caveats that the advance release data are preliminary and are
subject to revision, and the documentation is not complete.
Standard ANES data quality control procedures have not been completed with these data,
so users should expect to find errors and inconsistencies in the data file. When the
final data are released, the data will have changed to some degree.
Possible changes include but are not limited to revisions to the weights, changes to the
missing value codes, addition or deletion of a small number of cases, re-computation of
summary variables, and changes to variable names and labels. Users who prefer to work
with data that that have been subjected to thorough quality control procedures, who
require more comprehensive documentation, or who require a full set of derived
variables, should wait for the full release.

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