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Title Using Longitudinal Paradata to Detect Speeding Across Online Panel Survey Waves
Year 2014
Access date 27.05.2014
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Relevance & Research Question:Survey item response times are widely been used to explore measurement quality and non-response in cross-sectional online surveys. We are however not aware of any attempt to connect such paradata across online panel waves in a longitudinal fashion. In the present research, we fill this gap by using survey response time paradata across the first eight survey waves of a probability-based online panel in Germany. Methods & Data: We analyze the available response time paradata to explore whether or not panelists tend to īspeed upī across survey waves, that is responding faster in subsequent waves compared to previous ones. Speeding in online panel surveys represents a potential threat to data quality, because it may indicate depleted motivation across waves. Results: Our initial analyses do not show patterns of speeding for the entire group of panelists across survey waves. However, we find evidence for speeding as a stable behavioral pattern for a subgroup of panelists, meaning that being fast in responding to the initial survey wave tends to persist across all subsequent waves consistently. Added Value: In the upcoming analyses, we seek to explain the membership to this īspeeding groupī, allowing us to derive actionable recommendations for online panel data quality management.

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Year of publication2014
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars

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