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Title WebSM draft report: Questionnaire length and breakoffs in web surveys
Year 2014
Access date 12.06.2014

The topic of survey breakoffs calls for additional attention because breakoffs occur more often in web surveys compared to interviewer-administered surveys. In a metastudy of 5752 surveys we analyze questionnaire length in the context of different types of survey breakoff – introduction and questionnaire breakoff – for which we also provide technical definitions. Each of them occurs due to different reasons and this distinction is of key importance for survey methodology and questionnaire design. We show that is our sample of surveys introduction breakoff highly dominates (three quarters of all breakoffs). While there is almost no correlation between questionnaire length and introduction breakoff, it shows certain significant correlation with questionnaire breakoff. On average, questionnaire breakoff rate is 11%, which is lower compared to meta-studies conducted a decade ago, but is a good illustration of the reality of web surveys today, at least in the DIY segment.

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AvailabilityIn-press, to be published
Year of publication2014

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