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Title Community Life Survey: Summary of web experiment findings
Year 2013
Access date 18.11.2014
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TNS BMRB was commissioned to carry out the Community Life Survey for 2012-13 on behalf of the Cabinet Office. The survey was commissioned by the Cabinet Office to track the latest trends and developments across areas that are key to encouraging social action and empowering communities. The survey tracks measures including: Volunteering and charitable giving; Views about the local area; Community cohesion and belonging; Community empowerment and participation; Influencing local decisions and affairs; and Subjective well-being.

In 2012-13 survey data was collected using face to face interviews with a representative sample of 6,600 individuals in England which, because of constraints in the commissioning timetable, ran from August 2012 through to April 2013, covering three-quarters of a year.
In parallel, TNS BMRB was commissioned to carry out development work to explore cost effective methods for future survey years, should the study have been recommissioned. In particular, TNS BMRB explored options for incorporating online methods of data collection which cost significantly less than the face-to-face interview design employed for the 2012-13 survey. These options included:

  • A stand alone web-based survey, based on a probability sample of addresses and of sufficient quality to produce Official Statistics
  • A face to face interview survey with a reduced sample size alongside a large web-based survey that would either formally contribute to Official Statistics or provide supplementary information

To provide evidence for or against these two options, TNS BMRB carried out a large scale test of a probability sample web survey, incorporating a paper questionnaire option for those not used to the web or who prefered not to provide data through that channel. The design of this test was informed by comments from a Technical Advisory Group of senior survey methodologists. In this report, the main findings from the testing work are summarised. Subsequently, the Cabinet Office commissioned TNS BMRB to carry out further developmental work over the course of 2013-14. This activity is currently being carried out and the results will inform future survey years, if commissioned.

Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars

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