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Title Online Administration of a Quantified Self-Questionnaire for Elderly People: A User Satisfaction Survey
Source Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 63, 1, pp. 194–195
Year 2015
Access date 30.01.2015

The quantified self (QS) trend is the self-measure of health and functional status with the aim of becoming or remaining healthy.[1] The World Health Organization recommends the use of self-administered questionnaires (SAQs) to improve the health and functional status of adults.[2, 3] SAQs may be digitized and administrable through Web platforms accessible by computer, touchpad, or smartphone.[1] It was recently reported that older adults were able to evaluate their own health and functional status with accuracy using a paper-and-pencil SAQ.[1] Because of the increasing interest of older adults in their health and functional status and in the use of the Internet, it was hypothesized that a digitized version of a previously validated SAQ accessible on a Web platform could be successfully used in adults.[1] The aims of this study were to compare the time needed to complete the questionnaire, the perceived ease of use, and the quality of visual presentation of a digitized SAQ accessible on a Web platform in three age groups of individuals (young, middle-aged, and older adults) and to examine the effect of age on these endpoints.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeJournal article