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Title Effects of speeding on satisficing in Mixed-Mode Surveys
Year 2011
Access date 06.02.2015
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CAPI and CATI interviews are compared with respect to differences in satisficing, speeding, and speeding´s effects on satisficing. By comparing respondents` individual duration of a module appearing early in the questionnaire with one at the end of the interview, respondents of both modes are categorized as speeding up, slowing down or keeping their individual pace constant. Based on data from three countries participating in the ESS 3 Mixed Mode – study, our main findings are: First, interviewers´ assessments of respondents´ endeavors to answer questions to the best of their abilities strongly deviate from satisficing as measured by the standard measurement including five suboptimal response strategies. Second, satisficing is more prevalent in CATI, although speeding is more frequent in CAPI. Further, several respondent characteristics´ effects on satisficing are analyzed, confirming previous research. Third, speeding is positively related to satisficing in CAPI; our interpretation is that the
former affects the latter more than vice versa, while in CATI no effect is detectable. Therefore further research and metadata is needed in order to assess effects between speeding in single item batteries and interaction effects between respondent characteristics and interview timing especially for CATI. Based on this, fieldwork coordination could improve data quality.

Year of publication2011
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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