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Title Exploring Data Collection by the Internet
Year 1998
Access date 26.03.2015
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Summary: At Statistics Netherlands a pilot has been carried out to investigate the possibilities of email for business data collection. The intention of Statistics Netherlands is to use e-mail and the Internet for data collection on a larger scale within a couple of years. These modern modes should be integrated within a mixed mode design of data collection (together with more traditional modes like paper and fax) where sampled businesses may decide on which mode to respond in. The
purpose of this pilot was to find out how many and what kinds of businesses were willing to participate. Thus, an empirically based policy with regard to this modern mode can be developed. In this paper the design, response and characteristics of the participating businesses will be described. An aspect that is of great importance with regard to the usage of the Internet for data collection on a larger scale is a well designed measuring instrument, that looks ‘fancy’ on the screen and is easy to use. For Statistics Netherlands efficient data processing is an important issue. Blaise on the Internet (ConQuest) will deal with these aspects.
Year of publication1998
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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