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Title Making Usability-Testing a Standard Survey Pretesting Methodology
Year 2015
Access date 03.07.2015

The capabilities of web surveys – particularly mobile web surveys – are constantly emerging. Examples are the use of cameras, videos, GPS and interactive features. As a result the need to evaluate how users interact with these products and how the experience affects the quality of survey data collected continues to grow. Despite this growing need for usability testing, it has not yet become a common or standard pretesting methodology for many web surveys. When usability testing is conducted, it is often conducted as an afterthought and not built into the survey development process. Usability testing results are often not published because they are conducted with small groups of participants and results are often specific to the survey tested and are not necessarily generalizable. When usability findings are published, the focus is usually on the results and with little or no discussion of the methods. Consequently, there is very little documentation on best practices for conducing usability testing on surveys. The purpose of this presentation is to present an iterative and design-based method for conducting usability testing that researchers can incorporate into the survey development process. I will provide examples of how usability testing can be applied at different stages in the survey development process from early prototypes and wireframes to fully programmed surveys. In addition, I will discuss how usability testing practices may vary based on the complexity of the survey.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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