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Title Calculating outcome rates for mobile phone surveys. A proposal of a modified AAPOR standard and its application to three case studies
Year 2004
Access date 29.06.2004
Abstract A survey on mobile phones poses new challenges to the survey researcher including the calculation of response rates. New call disposition codes are possible and some dispositions of RDD landline telephone surveys are no longer applicable to mobile phones, or have a different meaning. The present paper analyzes the AAPOR standard definitions and proposes mobile phone final dispositions of case codes. An application of the new case codes is done using the data from three mobile phone surveys. The first one was carried by Statistics Finland, in a nation with one of the highest mobile phone penetration rates and rate of mobile phone only households. The second one was carried out in Slovenia, a nation that mirrors penetration rates and mobile phone only household percentages of many European nations, such as England. The last study was conducted by the Survey Research Center at Georgia State University in the U.S.
Year of publication2004
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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