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Title Where can I call you? The "mobile (phone) revolution" and its impact on survey research and coverage error: a discussion of the Italian case
Year 2004
Access date 29.06.2004
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Abstract The increase in mobile phone ownership is changing the sampling frame for landline telephone surveys, with a consequent impact on coverage error. This paper describes the main features of the Italian phone market – with some of the highest mobile phone penetration rates – and the rising impact of mobile-phone-only (MPO) households. A survey that uses a landline frame excludes MPO and no-phone households, creating a noncoverage rate of 17% in 2002. Types of phone arrangements and noncoverage vary dramatically among households: by region, household type, age, education and social class of the “head” of the household. All these differences clearly introduce a non-ignorable bias in landline telephone surveys. Possible solutions are discussed from a methodological point of view. The analysis presented uses data collected in a face-to-face survey by the Italian Institute of Statistics.
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Year of publication2004
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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