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Title Higher Item Nonresponse Rates Caused by Slider Scales in Web Surveys
Year 2015
Access date 15.07.2015

Graphical rating scales can be implemented in different ways. On slider scales ratings are given by sliding only or by a combination of sliding and clicking. Visual Analogue Scales (VAS) are operated by clicking only. In this study, two implementations of sliders are compared to VAS and HTML radio buttons with 5, 7, or 11 response options. Respondents (N = 4180) used computers, smart phones, or tablets. Item nonresponse was highest with sliders (7.3% and 7.7%) followed by VAS (5.5%) and radio buttons (3.8%). Especially respondents with a low formal education produced missing data with slider scales.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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