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Title Tips for Creating Web Surveys for Completion on a Mobile Device
Source Pew Research Center, June 11, 2015
Year 2015
Access date 01.09.2015
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“If you’re doing a Web survey, you’re doing a mobile survey,” according to Michael Link, chief methodologist for Nielsen, recent American Association for Public Opinion Research president and a leading authority on mobile surveys. Indeed, in Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel, a nationally representative, probability-based panel designed to be primarily Web-based, fully 27% of respondents completed their most recent survey on a smartphone (another 8% used a tablet to do so). With so many respondents taking Web surveys on smartphones, creating surveys with smartphone respondents in mind is critical. This includes both writing the questions with mobile respondents in mind and ensuring that your software properly renders the questions regardless of the type of device respondents are using. If surveys aren’t designed for completion on a smartphone, there can be data quality issues such as inaccurately recorded responses, lazy answers and skipped questions. Furthermore, if they become frustrated, smartphone respondents are more likely than others to abandon a survey altogether. Luckily there are things researchers can do to make surveys more smartphone-compatible. The following are eight tips for creating better surveys for completion on a smartphone.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars

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