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Title Gamification in market research: Increasing enjoyment, participant engagement and richness of data, but what of data validity?
Year 2015
Database EBSCOhost
Access date 01.10.2015

Research undertaken into the role of gamification in online surveys has already clearly demonstrated that applying some gamification principles can significantly increase the richness of spontaneous data and participant engagement, as well as the time that participants take to complete a survey. It is obviously appreciated that consumer engagement is critical for ensuring completion rates, reducing boredom within survey and also for panel membership moving forward, but the primary consideration and focus when designing any research survey has to be on accessing reality for the consumer and hence data validity. This paper shares the results of a research-on-research study that was conducted to understand the role of gamification, not only in terms of participant engagement and richness of data but also data validity.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeJournal article