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Title Effects of Forced Responses and Question Display Styles on Web Survey Response Rates
Year 2015
Database ProQuest
Access date 08.10.2015
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Researchers have increasingly adopted a web survey for data collection. Previous studies have examined factors leading to a web survey’s success. However, virtually no empirical work has examined the effects of the three levels of forced responses or the two styles of question items displayed on a web survey’s response rate. The current study attempted to fill this void.

Using a quasi experiment approach, we obtained 778 unique responses to six comparable web questionnaires of identical content. The analysis confirmed that (1) there were statistically significant differences across the surveys with the 100%-, 50%- and 0%-forced responses, and (2) there is not a significant difference between the response rates between surveys with scrolling and those with paging styles.

In addition to extending the theoretical insight into factors contributing to a web survey’s response rate, the findings have offered recommendations to enhance the response rate in a web survey project.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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