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Title Assessing Hunters' Opinions Based on a Mail and a Mixed-Mode Survey
Source Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 16, 3, pp. 164-173
Year 2015
Access date 10.10.2015

Opinions from stakeholders are increasingly important to consider in management decisions for government agencies. Surveys are one approach to obtain these opinions but survey response rates have been decreasing. The use of the Internet is explored as a method to collect hunters' opinions and experiences. Internet use is expanding but it is unclear whether results from surveys collected on the Internet will provide unbiased results. A mixed-mode probability survey (i.e., request to complete by the Internet followed by mailing a printed version) is explored in this study along with a more traditional mail survey method to collect data from hunters. Response rates and demographics are compared between the collection modes. The group receiving all contacts by mail had the highest response rate. Responses to questions in the mail-mode and the mixed-mode surveys were similar. However, the use of the Internet as the only mode to collect opinions should be examined.

Year of publication2011
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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