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Title Designing Bonsai Surveys: The small but perfectly formed survey experience to meet the needs of the modern day mobile-based survey consumer
Year 2015
Database ESOMAR
Access date 31.10.2015

We are at a tipping point in online survey design as more and more people want to do surveys on mobile/tablet devices; and the Asian markets are leading the way. Up until recently our focus has been on simply getting surveys to work on these devices, but getting respondents to actually complete mobile surveys is the next challenge. Our data is showing that nearly 50% of people who start a survey on a mobile/tablet don’t get to the end, because the surveys we are delivering are often too long and there has been poor consumer experience on these devices. We need to up our game. We don’t have all the answers, but this presentation sets out to put some ideas on the table for a fresh new approach based on 2 years of exploratory research and will map out a new survey design philosophy that we are calling “Bonsai” survey design.

Year of publication2014
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings

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