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Title Validation of the new scale for measuring behaviors of Facebook users: Psycho-Social Aspects of Facebook Use (PSAFU)
Source Computers in Human Behaviour, 54, pp.425-435
Year 2015
Database ScienceDirect
Access date 18.12.2015

Facebook-related psychological phenomena attracted the great interest of researchers, but to date experiences of Facebook (FB) users were usually operationalized through few objective behavioral measures or through questionnaires which focused only on specific aspects of FB use. This study aimed to construct a comprehensive questionnaire which will capture deeper psychological processes that take place on FB. Through the EFA and CFA, we extracted five dimensions of FB behaviors: Compensatory use of FB, Self-presentation on FB, Socializing and seeking sexual partners through FB, FB addiction, and FB profile as the virtual self. Compensatory and addictive Facebook use is related to personality traits that indicate poor social adaptiveness, such as social anxiety, low conscientiousness, neuroticism, introversion, and low agreeableness, while Self-Presentation on FB further contributes to this maladaptive process. Seeking new friends and intimate partners through Facebook is related to sensation seeking and social anxiety. Realistic virtual representation of one's personality on Facebook is characteristic of individuals who are socially anxious and open to experiences. The scale Psycho-Social Aspects of Facebook Use (PSAFU) covers the wide range of psychological FB phenomena and should be used by researchers interested in a detailed examination of FB users' experiences.

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Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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