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Title Eliciting Personal Network Data in Web Surveys through Participant-generated Sociograms
Source Field Methods, 26, 2, pp. 107-125
Year 2014
Access date 31.03.2016
The article presents a method to elicit personal network data in Internet surveys, exploiting the renowned appeal of network visualizations to reduce respondent burden and risk of dropout. It is a participant-generated computer-based sociogram, an interactive graphical interface enabling participants to draw their own personal networks with simple and intuitive tools. In a study of users of Web sites on eating disorders, we have embedded the sociogram within a two-step approach aiming to first elicit the broad ego network of an individual and then to extract subsets of issue-specific support ties. We find this to be a promising tool to facilitate survey experience and adaptable to a wider range of network studies.
Year of publication2014
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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