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Title Internet/cybercuIture/ digital culture/new media/ fill-in-the-blank studies
Author Silver, D.
Source New Media & Society, 6, 1, 55-65
Year 2004
Database EBSCOhost
Access date 07.07.2004
Abstract This article focuses on the role of Internet in distance education. Internet studies continues to grow as what can only be called a meta-field of study. The meta-field’s development and directions, coupled with attention towards the affiliations that its members do and do not make, constitute an important and interesting site of intellectual, academic, and political work. All the signifying elements of academic legitimacy, or alternatively what might be called discipline-building are in place. There are both online and offline centers and organizations. There are academic institutions that award degrees and certificates in the meta-field; some of them include Brandeis University; Curtin University of Technology; University of Sussex, University of Washington, and Washington State University There are exceptionally bright and creative graduate students who continuously generate the best ideas and models, and thereby bring into question the whole student/professor divide. Even with such developments, the future of the meta-field is completely under construction. This makes the process of tracing its possible intellectual and institutional histories a challenging task.
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Year of publication2004
Bibliographic typeJournal article