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Title Influence of Multiple Factors on Response Rate
Author Chaney,B.H.; Chaney, B. H.; Kindlon, A.
Year 2016
Access date 02.06.2016
Using built-in experiments and paradata, we examine the relative influence of multiple factors on response rates: prepaid incentives ($0, $2, and $5), variations in contact approaches (e.g., regular versus priority mail), web vs. paper surveys, quality of the contact data, relevance of the survey topic to respondents, questionnaire design (formatting and the ordering of questions), and length of the questionnaire. These factors are considered both alone and in combination, allowing us to examine: (1)which factors have the greatest impact, (2) the additive impact when all conditions are optimal, and (3) how some factors influence others (e.g., the quality of the contact data may influence the effect of providing financial incentives). Some results were surprising. For example, while most respondents preferred the web format over the mail format, and while more web responses were received than mail responses, the web format received higher response rates if people first received a paper questionnaire. Also, skip patterns appeared to lower the perceived relevance of the survey, resulting in lower response rates for mail surveys but not for web surveys. Based on these findings, we conducted a second round of data collection using a reserve sample, getting much higher response rates. This paper includes data from both rounds. The National Survey of Small Businesses, sponsored by the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics within the National Science Foundation, was of 5,000 businesses with between one and nine employees, using a sample stratified by business organization type, industry, and number of employees. This audience is a difficult one to reach because of high mobility and sensitivity concerning the time required to complete the survey. Data collection was conducted by mail, with mail,email, and telephone followup.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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