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Title Effects of an Initial Offering of Multiple Survey Response Options on Response Rates
Year 2016
Access date 04.06.2016
Initial research into mixed-mode methods suggested that characteristics of nonrespondents might vary by data collection mode (Groves 2006). However, much of the research done on mixed mode studies has involved using multiple modes during multiple stages of contact, confounding mixed-modes methods with multiple attempt strategies (Beebe et al. 2012). There is limited recent research on offering respondents a variety of modes for survey completion at the initial contact in nationally representative studies. Research completed in 2015 suggests that respondents are more likely to respond via web relative to mail and fax (Thompson, Oliver and Beck, 2015.) Given the explosion of web access in the last five years, this study will evaluate current preferences for completion mode. This study will explore the effect of offering multiple response modes during initial contact with respondents. Analysis will be done on the response rate associated with the number of modes offered and the type of modes offered. Special attention will be paid to the demo graphic groups that respond in each mode. In 2015, Gallup fielded a survey of the general population using a mail mode as the initial contact type. Within this initial mail contact there are 5 possible treatments: (1) a mailed paper survey (2) a mailed paper survey with a web link (3) a mailed web link with an option to request a paper survey (4) a mailed paper survey with a QR and (5) a mailed paper survey with both a web link and a QR code.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations