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Title Does Changing Monetary Incentive Schemes in Panel Studies Affect Cooperation? A Quasi-experiment on Switching from Prepaid to Promised Incentives on Participation in a Probability-based Mixed-mode Panel
Year 2016
Access date 09.06.2016
Monetary incentives are a universal measure aimed at fostering cooperation in surveys. Meta-analytic research based on cross-sectional surveys has shown that prepaid monetary incentives are more effective than postpaid incentives. In the context of longitudinal surveys, research on the long-term impact of the timing of incentives on respondents cooperation is scarce. As a result, incentive-related decisions in longitudinal surveys can hardly be justified in view of the available empirical evidence. When building longitudinal research infrastructures, the incentive scheme issue becomes even more prominent if financial, legal, or administrative constraints require a change in the timing of incentives, for instance from (seemingly) costly prepaid monetary incentives to promising an incentivecontingent on participation. Accordingly, the overall aim of the study presented was to investigate if, and to what extent, a change in incentives schemes from a prepaid to a postpaid model affects cooperation. We focus on the initial phases of building the GESIS Panel, a self-administered mixed-mode (Web and mail surveys) access panel infrastructure aimed at hosting various longitudinal social science studies (N= 4961). Specifically, we will report findings of a quasi-experiment conducted during the recruitment process of the GESIS Panel, suggesting that the magnitudes of effects of incentive scheme switches from prepaid to postpaid on cooperation are mode specific: The likelihood of participation in the offline mode (mail surveys) is substantially more affected by an incentive scheme switch (prepaid -> postpaid) than in the online mode (Web surveys).
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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