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Title Observations from Twelve Years of an Annual Market Research Technology Survey
Year 2016
Access date 25.10.2016
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Against the theme of this year’s conference, “Are we there yet? Where technological innovation is leading research” this paper provides evidence-based observations on where technology has led research in the recent past, and where it appears to be leading now.
meaning ltd. has conducted a survey of market research companies around the world each year since 2004, looking at their use of technology. The survey includes a combination of tracking questions on the adoption of technology-based methods to detect long-term trends, as well as topical questions that vary from year to year, some of which are also repeated in subsequent years to measure change.
Now, with 12 years of data, it is possible to draw a number of conclusions about the way in which the research industry interacts with the technology that supports it, and to understand some of the transformations that have taken place. It is also possible to look at some of the areas where the rhetoric and actual experience on the ground have not been aligned and identify some of the challenges which may be unique to the research industry. Developers need to be mindful of such challenges if they are to succeed in providing useful, appropriate technology that will allow the market research Industry to continue to develop, adapt and compete for survival. The aims of this paper are to:
•Quantify significant changes that have occurred in the last decade, as well as identify those
where anticipated change has been slow to materialise;
•Examine some perennial difficulties that the market research industry appears to have with
technology development, adoption and diffusion;
•Highlight some of the current and on-going changes that emerge from the data;
•Identify areas that those developing or providing software need to pay particular attention to when supporting these changes;
•Provide specific recommendations to researchers and technology providers.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings

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