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Web Survey Bibliography

Title The Online Survey in Japan: An Evaluation of Emerging Methodologies
Year 1999
Access date 13.07.2004
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Abstract Electronic surveys have been the most obvious and most promising developments among the many changes occurring in survey environments. In our research during a few years, we encountered many changes in this field with both positive and negative characteristics. Our research has had two main purposes. Firstly, we have sought to clarify in the light of practical methodology what social and legal problems are involved in new survey methods, namely, Web-based or Internet surveys. Secondly, we have attempted a systematic study of the relationships that exist between conventional approaches and the more recent survey methods. This study has dealt with such aspects as design of a sample survey, including sampling methods, the construction of questionnaire sheets on Web pages, and actual survey procedures. Web-based surveys are widely used today, especially in the field of market research, and various attempts have been made by others engaged in survey research to find replacements for conventional interviewing, mailing and Omnibus surveys. In addition, in business and applied sciences, including market research into consumer behaviour, electronic surveys that make use of e-mail, WWW home pages, and Web databases have been widely adopted.
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Year of publication1999
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations