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Title Big Insights through Big Data Analytics
Author Huyghe, N.
Year 2017
Access date 11.04.2017

Big data, a large daunting monster or an opportunity not to be missed? Much has been said and written about big data in the past 2 years. We all talk about it, but are hesitant to embrace it.

Why? Are we or our clients not ready for it or are we afraid that it might replace market research?

We are an MR analytics expert company and have been breathing data for 15 years. Whether data is small, big, simple or complex, there are no mysteries for us.

A big part of our current job is demystifying big data and explaining the impact it can have on MR and its clients. And most importantly, how and where do you start with it.

We will take your through this journey as well as show the power of big and small data through some telling case studies.

Year of publication2017
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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