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Title Collecting Ego-Centered Network Data via the Web
Year 2002
Access date 14.07.2004
Abstract Personal interview is a typical data source for ego-centered social networks owing to their complex data structure. However, Web data collection can substantially reduce the costs and time required for such data collection. It is especially suitable for special populations familiar with Internet tools. Special attention to questionnaire design is needed if the respondent will complete theWeb questionnaire by him or her self. One trial in the collection of ego-centered networks via the Web was done in the annual RIS (Research on Internet in Slovenia) Web survey conducted by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana in summer 2001. Respondents were randomly split into four groups. Each group received a name generator for one type of social support: material, informational, emotional support or social companionship, and a set of questions regarding alters for each alter they named in the network generator. Dropouts from the questionnaire are studied with respect to the number of listed alters and characteristics of respondents. Preliminary analysis shows that the Web can be used as a data collection method for ego-centered social networks. However, special attention is required when designing the graphic layout of name generators as well as with the wording of instructions. In particular, the number of alters should be limited in some substantial way since respondents who name many alters tend to quit the questionnaire before answering additional questions regarding these alters.
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Year of publication2002
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