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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Comparative analysis of a mobile device and paper as effective survey tools
Year 2017
Access date 20.04.2017
As mobile devices, such as e-book readers and tablet computers, have emerged as alternatives to traditional printed media, they are also being increasingly employed as survey administration equipment. However, the question arises as to whether mobile devices are actually more effective than paper for survey administration. To address this question, the current study conducted a between-subjects experiment (N = 60) in which participants were asked to complete a survey questionnaire either on paper or an iPad. The results showed that the mobile device-based survey was more effective than the paper-based survey in encouraging participants to disclose information. In addition, self-disclosure was found to mediate the effects of the survey medium type on perceived security of information, usefulness of the medium, and intention to use the medium in the future.
Year of publication2017
Bibliographic typeJournal article