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Title A Call for Item-ordering Transparency in Online IS Survey Administration
Source AISeL
Year 2017
Access date 21.07.2017
Abstract Online survey applications typically offer the capability to individually randomize the order in which survey items are presented to subjects, a method that structurally eliminates several sources of method bias inherent to static surveys. IS researchers who use online surveys have a strong interest in knowing how prior surveys were administered in published research, however, we find this information is rarely available in current practice. This paper presents a call for increased transparency in reporting item-ordering methodology in future online IS survey research. This call is based on 1) a literature review of online survey research published in the AIS Senior Scholars’ Basket of Journals, 2) results of new research comparing reliability and construct validity characteristics produced by individually-randomized vs. static survey administration methods, and 3) results of hypothetical structural equation modeling (SEM) analyses contrasting structural models following purification of the individually-randomized and static datasets.
Year of publication2017
Full text availabilityNon-existant

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