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Title PsyToolkit; A Novel Web-Based Method for Running Online Questionnaires and Reaction-Time Experiments
Author Stoet, G.
Source Teaching of Psychology; 44, 1, pp. 24-31
Year 2016
Access date 24.07.2017
Abstract This article reviews PsyToolkit, a free web-based service designed for setting up, running, and analyzing online questionnaires and reaction-time (RT) experiments. It comes with extensive documentation, videos, lessons, and libraries of free-to-use psychological scales and RT experiments. It provides an elaborate interactive environment to use (or modify) the existing questionnaires and experiments from the PsyToolkit library or to design new studies. Once users have set up their study, they can recruit participants for online participation, and data can be downloaded in spreadsheet format after collection. This article provides examples of how questionnaires and RT experiments can be set up using the website. The PsyToolkit links to online questionnaires and experiments, and these links can easily be embedded in social media networks for participant recruitment, including Amazon's Mechanical Turk. PsyToolkit’s exhaustive documentation enables students to work independently. This article finishes with pedagogical considerations.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeJournal article