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Title Quantitative testing of the most effective advance communication strategies for a mixed mode (including online) UK Labour Force Survey
Author Phelps, A.
Year 2017
Access date 08.09.2017
Abstract With the rise of available web services more generally, the UK public have come to expect to be able to engage with government via digital channels. The UK government is very aware of this demand and has in turn established the Government Digital Service (GDS) which is leading the digital transformation of government. 
Over the last decade ONS has conducted numerous qualitative and quantitative investigations into online questionnaire development for Social Surveys and successfully implemented an online completion mode for the 2011 Census. Previous research and past experience has highlighted the need for an extensive research programme to support successful introduction of online data collection, looking at the short and long term opportunities and goals.
The Data Collection Transformation Programme at ONS will transform ONS data collection into a more dynamic and efficient model, maximising the use of non-survey data sources and digital by default collection of data in the production of National and Official Statistics. For Social Surveys this means that ONS needs to deliver a redesigned social statistics model, as well as transformed end-to-end systems. 
ONS conducts a number of UK household surveys that feed into a number of important National Statistics indicators. The largest survey that ONS conducts is The Labour Force Survey (LFS) (and sample boost), which is the largest UK household survey, resulting in around 400,000 productive household interviews per annum. The survey is used to produce a range of high profile cross-sectional and longitudinal labour market and Annual Population Survey datasets that are widely used for analysis and publications in the UK and Europe, including for the monthly estimates of labour market supply (including estimates of change in the employment and unemployment rates). The survey is currently governed by European Regulations.

Currently the survey is being redesigned to enable multi-mode data collection and specifically to enable on-line data collection. Qualitative development methodologies have been used by survey methodologists at ONS to elicit the best advance survey documentation and LFS question wording to suit online collection. 
ONS is now quantitatively testing the most effective advance documentation strategies via a series of large scale online surveys using revised LFS question wording. The testing work will establish the optimal way of introducing an online LFS survey to the general public. 
This presentation set out plans for ongoing quantitative research. It will discuss some of the research findings and challenges faced to date and those that we foresee to be on the horizon. We invite discussion and encourage others to share their experiences and recommendations with us.
Year of publication2017
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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