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Title Data collected on the Web
Year 2000
Access date 16.07.2004
Abstract Despite its relatively short existence Web-assisted data collection has already been widely applied and, increasingly, data analysts have to work with data collected on the Web. However, we are faced with relatively contradictory views on this data collection mode. In particular, with respect to Web surveys, opinions vary from a belief that the Web will revolutionise the survey industry to the opinion that this does not represent a valid mode of data collection. This paper provides an overview of the methodology of professional Web surveys. Three essential components (self-administration, HTML basis, and automatic transmission) of the Web survey mode are defined and separated from related solicitation and selection procedures. As an illustration, the segmentation/clustering of Internet users with respect to the survey mode (telephone and Web) is presented. In addition, new possibilities for data collection on the Web are discussed, particularly as concerns the data used in network and clustering analysis.
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Year of publication2000
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings

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