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Title A Quasi-experimental assessment of the effect of computerizing noncognitive paper-and-pencil measurements: A test of measurement equivalence
Author King, W. C., Miles, E. W.
Source Journal of Applied Psychology, 80, pp. 643-651
Year 1995
Access date 20.07.2004
Abstract Previous studies have provided evidence to question the equivalence of data gathered by different administration modes and to suggest that noncognitive instruments validated for paper-and-pencil administration may not be valid for computerized administration. In this study, a series of analyses of the variance-covariance matrices tested the measurement equivalence of data collected from paper-and-pencil and computerized formats. Four work-related noncognitive psychological measures were tested in this study. There was no evidence that administration mode had an effect on measurement equivalence.
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Year of publication1995
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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