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Web Survey Bibliography

Title A Mixed-mode Internet and Telephone Survey in a Technology-rich Environment
Author Marton, K., Sumartojo, R. Kosicki, G. M., Horner, L. R.
Year 2002
Access date 21.07.2004
Abstract The OSU Poll conducted by The Ohio State University Center for Survey Research is an annual omnibus study of OSU students, faculty and staff. The survey was administered in a mixed-mode format for two years in a row, with about two-thirds of the interviews being completed over the web, and one-third in the form of telephone follow-ups for those who failed to participate on-line. The paper will discuss our experience with this format, including lessons from the most recent poll, which was completed at the beginning of 2002. While this study is conducted in an environment that can generally be described as technology rich, in the case of the web part problems still arise from lack of Internet access, especially in the case of our sample of staff members. The report will address issues such as demographic differences between respondents in the two groups, item non-response and responses to sensitive questions, as well as cost and data-quality considerations. General implications of the findings relating to cost and quality of Internet-based survey research will also be discussed.
Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations