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Title Microsoft's Online Data Reporting Tool
Author Glimp, D., Tarter, J.
Year 2000
Access date 21.07.2004
Abstract Microsoft’s web site, microsoft.com, as much as any other corporate web site in the world, serves as an extension of the corporation. This web site, which has 1.4 million web pages (including pages from 57 subsidiary sites) and averages more than 5 million unique visitors per day, is held to extremely high standards by some of the most discriminating interactive visitors around the world. The site plays a strategic role at Microsoft and is important to the company’s day-to-day operations. The goal of Microsoft’s Online Data Reporting Tool (ODRT) has been to provide direct and timely data analysis and management reporting. Using the ODRT, Microsoft employees can now view online survey results minutes after a survey has been launched. The ODRT processes, cleans, updates, and analyzes data immediately after each respondent’s submission. Results can be viewed within the context of a quarterly report or in a multi-quarter report of trends. The benefits of online reporting can be seen in results from an online customer satisfaction survey, developed in conjunction with NFO Interactive. Satisfaction scores for various areas of the web site are reported and marked for improvement across specific classes of software products. The real-time reporting of customer satisfaction data has revolutionized the way Microsoft conducts its business. The firm now has actionable data from sites around the world. Since the inception of the online customer satisfaction survey, satisfaction with Microsoft’s web site has risen steadily.
Year of publication2000
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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