Web Survey Bibliography

Title Converting Web-Surveys into Actionable Results That Even the CFO Will Support!
Author Goodman, J., Yeomans, J.
Year 2000
Access date 21.07.2007
Abstract Web surveys, like most other survey research, often get put on the shelf. 70% of customer feedback is never acted upon. e-satisfy (formally TARP) has identified four reasons: Customer interactions at different touchpoints are gathered in incompatible formats which often contradict; Each data source identifies multiple problems which imply competing priorities; The feedback is ignored because neither the payoff of acting nor the cost of inaction is quantified into dollars; Management receives the feedback in an unappealing format. e-satisfy, working with AT&T, American Express,Compaq, and OpperheimerFunds, has developed a methodology for collecting, analyzing, and presenting Survey data in manner which causes senior management to take action. Mr. Goodman will first present the general research basis for the approach including e-satisfy’s methods for converting survey data into revenue implications and for integrating data from web surveys with other types of customer feedback such as support calls and employee input. Mr. James Yeomans, Compaq, will Describe how the surveys conducted over the web impacted a major service strategy decision and how Compaq is using ongoing web surveys to enhance loyalty and recover market share.
Year of publication2000
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations