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Title Touch-tone data entry for household surveys: Research findings and possible applications
Author McKay, R. B., Robon, E. L., Malik, A. B.
Year 1994
Access date 09.08.2004
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has developed a short form of the Current Population Survey (CPS) which has been adapted to Touchtone Data Entry (TDE) reporting.  The CPS-TDE has the potential of providing a cost-effective means to increase CPS state sample sizes and thus improve the reliability of sub-national labor force estimates.  The short form of the CPS questionnaire, based on the redesigned CPS, asks the minimum number of questions necessary to determine the labor force status of eligible household members.  Thus far, BLS has conducted cognitive research on the CPS-TDE instrument and participants have been able to report their household's CPS data in a laboratory setting.  Subsequent phases of CPS-TDE research call for an initial field study to assess its feasibility for home use, and a second field study involving an overlap sample of CPS- TDE and regular CPS households.

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Year of publication1994
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations