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Title Design Issues In Web Surveys
Year 2000
Access date 10.08.2004
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Abstract In the last five years since research on the use of Web for surveying has been going on, a lot of issues regarding the design of these surveys have been discussed and several research papers are collected on a site dedicated to the Web Survey Methodology at http://www.websm.org (site prepared by authors at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana). However, there are still unsolved problems which may affect the participants' initial decision to participate in a Web survey or their willingness to proceed with completing the questionnaire. Namely, response rates (respondents among all invited to the survey) and rates of complete respondents (respondents who complete the questionnaire among all who start answering it) are often still low for Web surveys. In this paper the impact of several Web questionnaire design features will be discussed and their impact on unit, partial and item (non)response will be measured.
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Year of publication2000
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