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Title Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection
Year 1998
Access date 19.08.2004

The latest computer assisted methods for survey research
Computer assisted survey information collection (CASIC) methods are rapidly replacing traditional "paper and pencil" survey procedures. Researchers now apply computer technologies at every step of the survey process, from automating interviews and computerizing data collection to data capture and preparation. CASIC techniques are reshaping today's survey research and methodology --and redefining tomorrow's.
Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection is the most up-to-date and authoritative resource available on CASIC methods and issues. Its comprehensive treatment provides the scope needed to evaluate past development and implementation of CASIC designs, to anticipate its future directions, and to identify new areas for research and development. Written in an array of evidentiary styles by more than 60 leading CASIC practitioners from numerous disciplines, this coherently organized volume:
* Covers CASIC development and its integration into existing designs and organizations
* Discusses instrument development and design
* Examines survey design issues, including the incorporation of experiments
* Discusses case management of automated survey systems
* Evaluates training and supervision of computer assisted interviewers
* Reviews self-administered surveys, including optically scannable mail surveys
* Considers emerging technologies, such as voice recognition, pen-CASIC, and the Web as a data collection tool.
Supplemented with copious tables, figures, and references as well as an extensive glossary, Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection provides a solid foundation in CASIC for seasoned research-survey practitioners and graduate students across a broad spectrum of social science disciplines.

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Year of publication1998
Bibliographic typeEdited book
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