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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Conception and Implementation of the Siemens Employee Survey with Continuous Immediate Valuation through Descriptive Measures
Year 1999
Access date 19.08.2004
Abstract The first SieMAB questionnaire survey was carried out as on-line project and serves not only as an instrument to measure employee opinion but also serves to develop the corporate culture. The optimal technical possibilities in Siemens Intranet are completely exploited for both the on-line survey and the on-line valuation. This enables a rapid feedback from the opinion surveyed. The process of the SieMAB incorporates the conception and the active accompaniement by experts. The process begins with a web-based implementation of the survey, the carrying out of survey with on-line instant valuation, further statistical analysis right up to concrete implementation of the change measures and quality control. Continuous customisation and optimisation of the newly-developed SieMAB Tools have led to a very high accceptance to the use of on-line surveys both internally in Siemens and on the external market. In particular the methodology and media-didactic aspects are taken into consideration in both the development and the implementation of the questionnaires. In addition to the quality of the questionnaires, the translation of the firm's organisational structure into a flexible data bank structure is the deciding factor for the electronic communication of survey results. In this way the documentation administration allows new tools for the valuation of the opinion according to the descriptive statistical data. It offers an optimal solution for exact, fast and clear communication with and between employees (eg presentation of results designed in the same style as survey). Transparent anonymisation procedures, high technical standards and continuous support are the further advantages of our service. The use/employment of Inductive statistic valuation and content analysis contributes to the improvement in understanding the employees. The service will be expanded in the near future to include chat-rooms, newsgroups and web-meetings.
Year of publication1999
Bibliographic typeBook section

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