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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Employee-surveys via intranet
Year 1999
Access date 19.08.2004
Abstract WWW-mediated personality tests are amongst the techniques increasingly being used in online psychological research. Given their relatively short history, it remains important to establish the validity of online research techniques (e.g. Krantz, Ballard & Scher, 1997, Krantz & Dalal, in press). For WWW personality tests, an obvious question is whether such instruments are psychometrically and psychologically equivalent to traditional pencil-and-paper measures of the same constructs (Buchanan & Smith, 1999). This paper reviews evidence from research published to date (e.g. Pasveer & Ellard, 1998; Davis, 1998; Schwarzer, Mueller & Greenglass, 1999; Buchanan & Smith, 1999; Buchanan & Smith, in press) which has demonstrated that online instruments can be psychometrically equivalent to pencil-and- paper versions of the same measures. However, this is not always the case. As an example, a current project evaluating an online version of a Five-Factor personality inventory (Goldberg, 1999) is described and preliminary conclusions about its validity presented. Finally, implications and future possibilities for online personality research are discussed.
Year of publication1999
Bibliographic typeBook section

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