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Title The Online Survey: Its Contributions and Potential Problems
Year 2004
Access date 25.08.2004

The use of the internet as a research tool has increased substantially in the past decade. Online surveys have the potential to facilitate researchers in several ways, including subject recruitment, data collection, data tabulation, and data analysis. However, careful considerations must be taken when designing online surveys to ensure their validity and representativeness. To help researchers in this process, the current paper has four primary objectives: (1) To discuss the methodological issues involved in conducting online surveys (e.g., accessing special populations, controlling testing conditions); (2) To discuss the statistical considerations involved in using large samples for hypothesis testing (e.g., p values vs. effect sizes); (3) To review the literature on the use of internet-based surveys; and (4) To review the features and limitations of several software programs used in the creation of online surveys. Finally, the paper discusses the authors' experiences and lessons learned following the completion of two large-scale internet surveys.

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Year of publication2004
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations