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Title Questionnaire Administration via the WWW: A Validation & Reliability Study for a User Satisfaction Questionnaire
Author Harper, B., Slaughter, L., Norman K. L.
Source WebNet97
Year 1997
Access date 26.08.2004
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Abstract The Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction (QUIS) was created to gauge the satisfaction aspect of software usability in a standard, reliable, and valid way. The QUIS was first implemented as a standard paper and pencil form using a nine point Likert scale (Chin, Diehl, & Norman, 1988). Several computer based versions of this questionnaire have been created in the past and share the same reliability as the paper and pencil version (Slaughter, Harper & Norman; 1994). These computer versions aided data collection and were somewhat configurable. Unfortunately they proved difficult to maintain, distribute and customize. A pending update to the QUIS content provided an opportunity to migrate the QUIS software into a web based form that helps address the shortcomings of previous versions. An early version of the updated QUIS was implemented using HTML forms and extensive JavaScript for data validation and processing. This questionnaire was then administered to a large number of participants gathered from the WWW in order to test the validity and reliability of the new QUIS sections. Web based data collection proved to be very effective for this purpose, but a number of limitations were found.
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Year of publication1997
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations