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Title Internet Cafes: The Next Revolution in Market Research?
Author Cooke, M., Michael, J., Proctor, R.
Year 2000
Access date 31.08.2004
Abstract A major challenge facing the research community in the future will be how to reach our basic raw material, the individual respondent. The recent advances in new technology have not overcome the problems of non-response. They have however placed a large financial burden on the research companies, in terms of capital expenditure. Given this context of declining response rates, difficulties in recruiting interviewers, and ever increasing capital requirements, it is hardly surprising that web based interviewing has taken off so dramatically in the last twelve months. This paper provides a strategic response to the dynamic growth of Internet usage by identifying new ways of accessing respondents and safe places, with broad band multi-media facilities, where they can be interviewed at an affordable capital cost.
Year of publication2000
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations