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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Web Surveys
Year 2004
Access date 01.09.2004
Abstract Web surveys are slowly becoming the mainstream in data collection, particular for surveying special populations, for surveying the members of organizations and for institutional surveys. According to ESOMAR sources around 20% of the US surveys have already been performed on-line. However, the major challenge still remains the usage of Web survey mode for the general population surveys. The Web survey option in some Decennial Censuses, the piloting of the mixed mode solutions for certain Labor Force Surveys and successful implementation for general population in some health surveys thus bring a new dimension to the applications in this area. Somehow less intensive are the undertakings for introducing Web survey mode into the general social surveys. Nevertheless, the recent methodological developments are basically determined with the increasing and massive usage of Web surveys. As a consequence a whole industry has developed offering the products, solutions, and email listings. On the other hand, the permanent flow of technological advancements - together with the evolution of Internet usage - also present an important driving force for methodological development of Web surveys. The papers related to the applications of Web surveys are invited in this session. In particular, the following areas are of special interest:
  • Web surveys for general population,
  • frontiers of technology,
  • significant contributions to usability and design issues,
  • solutions to solicitation, incentives and response problems,
  • innovative applications of Web surveys,
  • non-coverage problems and post-survey adjustments,
  • advanced mixed mode surveys: Web, Mobile phones, Fixed telephone surveys.
  • Year of publication2004
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