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Title Developing Online Market Research Methods and Tools - Considering Theorizing Interacivity: Model and Cases
Author Harris, C.
Source Marketing and Research Today, 25, 4, pp. 267-273
Year 1997
Database ProQuest
Access date 07.09.2004
Abstract Based on accumulated studies in online consumer research over an 18-month period, various methodological solutions to the challenge of the online environment are examined. There have been a large number of conflicting working models and assumptions proposed for interactive media, suggesting that there are problems in the way people conceptualize interactivity in general. Work in interactive media, including research, design, and strategic planning, faces disruption from a lack of appropriate theoretical development. Such theory-building can be facilitated by taking a close look at lessons learned from real-life observations of media users. A study summarizes recent consumer research in interactive media, including the practical and theoretical lessons from which one can learn in developing research methods and tools relevant to new media, such as the World Wide Web.
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Year of publication1997
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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