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Title Measuring Web Sites Visits
Year 1999
Access date 07.09.2004
Abstract Web sites creators, 'owners' and especially advertisers are very interested in the reach of their sites. There are different ways of measuring it, from software aimed at counting 'impressions', 'requests', 'sessions', to surveys asking for the frequency of visits. There are several problems in their measuring, starting with nonstandardized use of terms such as 'home-page', 'page', 'site', 'website'. In this paper we are going to discuss different measuring instruments and frequency indicators, especially the use of web surveys. We are going to evaluate the results on the frequency of web sites visits from the RIS '98 web survey by comparing them to a parallel telephone survey. We are going to show the difference in results when comparing answers to open-ended and closed questions, answers to questions with web sites logotypes and without logotypes, results from the web and the telephone survey, and results before and after weighting the web survey variables.
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Year of publication1999
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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