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Title Broadening Public Access to Data through the Development of Tools for Data Novices
Source Social Science Computer Review, 21, 3, pp. 352-359
Year 2003
Access date 09.09.2004

In this article, the authors describe three new resources aimed at bringing scientific data, data analysis, and data interpretation to nonexperts (e.g., high school students; undergraduates; health practitioners) through innovative web-based and CD-ROM-based tools. In the first resource, original survey questions and answers are used as the basis for searching through data collections instead of analytic software-generated variables and response codes. Search results are presented as data tables, allowing novices to access survey findings without having to conduct data analysis themselves. A second set of tools is aimed at reaching an even larger audience of nonexperts through the development of a research-based data and Internet literacy curriculum, along with associated training materials. Finally, a third approach is looking at bringing math concepts and statistical data to high school students through the use of real-world DataStories that come to life with the help of computer-based story scripts, animation, audio, and interactive exercises.

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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeJournal article