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Title Sample Administration With CATI: The Wisconsin Survey Research Laboratory's System
Author Sharp, H., Palit, C.
Source Journal of Official Statistics, 4, 4, pp. 401-413
Year 1988
Access date 20.12.2004
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Abstract Automated sample administration is a major component of any fully developed computer-assisted telephone interviewing system. The Wisconsin Survey Research Laboratory's (WSRL) CATI sample administration package contains three categories for storing telephone sample numbers, four processing categories, and a supervisory review category for numbers in need of intervention to determine their callback status. A detailed call result code entry made by production interviewers at the end of each call will send a sample number to one of these categories. Information from a call box that accompanies the call result code is used by field supervisors when they review sample numbers associated with refusals or callback appointments or restrictions and schedule these numbers for further dialings. A frequency distribution of the final call result codes given to all numbers in the assigned sample is used by WSRL to compute response rates.
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Year of publication1986-1990
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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