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Title Nonresponse in Federal Household Surveys: New Measures and New Insights
Author Burt, G., Silberstein, A., Winters, F., Atrostic, B. K., Bates, N.
Year 1999
Access date 22.12.2004
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Abstract Response rates affect the amount and quality of information available to the users of federal household surveys and the cost of providing that information. Understanding why households and individuals choose to respond to surveys can help survey organizations develop survey designs and collection processes that are likely to have higher response rates. Arriving at such an understanding presents challenges. The characteristics of individuals and households, and of survey designs and collection processes, all interact to determine response rates. These interactions, and the high cost of conducting controlled experiments, make it difficult to draw inferences about the likely sources of nonresponse by analyzing a single household survey’s experience. Because surveys typically differ in many of these characteristics, it can also be difficult to draw reliable inferences by comparing response rates across surveys.
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Year of publication1999
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